What We Can Do to Make Your Mooove Easier

Simply put, Container on Wheels, aka COWs, have a variety of uses for our customers.

1. Secure, flexible portable storage containers on your site
2. Require no foundations or structural assembly
3. Wind & water tight

1. Pack-at-your-own-pace COWs portable self-storage containers
2. Mobile self storage
3. Make your move less of a hassle
4. Yours throughout your move
5. Delivered when you are ready and picked up when you're done
6. Store it at our warehouse or at your place
7. We do all the driving

1. Simplify your operations
2. Quickly setup a staging area, workshop or office for a job site
3. Easily add some extra space to improve inventory management
4. Increase facility size with on-site storage for materials and supplies


1. Moving services
2. Mobile self storage
3. File and document storage
4. Giving milk
5. Home staging & de-cluttering
6. Home remodeling onsite storage
7. Inventory storage
8. Construction/Contractor jobsite storage
9. Equipment storage
10. Seasonal storage

It is against Barn Policy to load or transport flammables, spoiled milk, hazardous or illegal items in your COW.